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Mirror Trees - Bead Trees - Bottle Trees - contain recyled pieces

Large mirror tree
                mirror tree

These trees of copper & glass are our most popular items. The "palm-tree" top is 19 strands of copper wire with a mirror/stained glass diamond at the end of each with a swivel [large tree only]. The "trunk" of the large tree - pictured at the top left - is a 4 foot piece of copper pipe (2-2 foot sections when shipped) wrapped with twisted copper wire. The tree can be left out all winter to shine on the snow as well. The "trunk" of the smaller tree - pictured below left - is 1 foot of a smaller copper pipe. The small mirror tree is also available mounted in a sand-weighted wine or decorative bottle. The mirrors are cut from recycled recycled mirrors. The wine bottles and decorative bottles are also recycled.

In your garden the diamonds swing, swivel, and glisten as they catch the sun and the breeze - reflecting like a mirror ball in a ballroom sparkling in your garden. They make wonderful house-warming gifts or for a newly landscaped garden.

The large mirror tree is $87+shipping/handling ranges from $15 to $20.
The small mirror tree is $48+shipping/handling ranges from $13 to $18.
Generally, the stained glass on the diamonds is 19 random colors.
The colors can be customized, however, delivery time might be longer.
small mirror tree
                mirror tree
    small mirror tree in wine bottle [not available for shipping]
small mirror tree in decorative bottle   sm tree wine
                  bottle                                       sm
                  tree shell bottle

The bead tree, pictured right, is created on the same copper structure as the large mirror tree. The branches are upright and adorned with glass beads of various sizes and colors.

The bead tree is $87
+ shipping/handling from $15 to $20
bead tree
Bottle Trees
Bottle trees, pictured right, are copper "trunks" with recycled wine bottles. The trees generally hold 8-9 bottles. This size also available with 15 beer bottles. The straight trunk has a large marble sun top. A larger bottle is NOT currently available that holds 15-16 wine bottles. The trees also have decorative copper vines and colored glass gems.

Regular bottle trees are $72
[$65 without bottles]

Large bottle trees are $118
[$111 without bottles]

Shipping is not available
for bottle trees.
bottle tree regular                  bottle tree
               regular bottle tree - 5 ft. tall  
               large bottle tree 6 ft. tall                                                          
bottle tree
bottle tree with straight trunk
stands approx. 5 ft. tall
large bottle
large bottle tree
mirror tree in garden
mirror tree in Michigan garden

                          with ice
mirror tree covered with Ohio's winter ice & snow
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