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Glass Mosaic Trays

Tray butterfly
                with flowers
butterflies & flowers - straight edges
Tray red rose
rose - scalloped edges
Tray hummingbird with flowers
hummingbird & flower - scalloped edges
The glass mosaic trays are created on a wood tray base with indivually cut pieces of stained glass, glued to the wooden base, grouted and sealed. The wood is stained or painted with enamel paints. The trays can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and Windex. There is a varition in size [from 6" x 6" to 14" x10" x 2.5"] and style of the wooden base [straight or scalloped edges] available. Patterns and colors can be customized.
The larger trays are $45-$55 [based on size] + shipping/handling ranges from $14 to $20.
The small trays are $29 + shipping/handling ranges from $12 to $16.

Tray koi
koi - straight edges
Tray waterlilies
waterlilies - straight edges
Tray hummingbird with morning
hummingbird & flowers - straight edges
small tray koi - curved edges
small tray sunflowers - scalloped edges
small tray lovebirds - curved edges
The tray, pictured to the right, was a special order made with the remaining pieces of the customer's broken pottery platter. The tray surface was covered with an epoxy coating.
TRAY-fish pottery
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