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Mosaic Birdbaths

mosaic birdbath with stand
The glass mosaic birdbaths are each works of art made by Peg. Each one is unique. The individual glass pieces - hundreds of them - are glued onto a 14" terra cota plant saucer. Each piece is individual cut to fit the pattern , glass gems are added on the outer rim, then the entire piece is grouted and sealed for use as a birdbath. The waterlies and pansies birdbaths pictured below are done on plastic saucers. The gems are located on the inner top edge.

The copper, tulip-shaped stand has copper vines, leaves and a marble is made by Gordon. A pipe is placed in the ground and the stand is placed over the pipe for support. The copper has a green verdigris.

In colder climates the birdbath saucer must be brought inside as freezing and thawing will damage it. When the birdbath is dry in the springtime, it should be sealed before returning it to your garden. The stand can remain outside and can be used with a plastic saucer to feed the birds in the  wintertime.

Because of size and weight delivery or pickup at a show is prefered. However, birdbaths done in plastic saucers are more shippable. Peg does many special orders each year so if you have a specific design in mind, contact her.

The mosaic birdbath with stand (and ground pipe) is $135 + shipping/handling ranges from $25 to $45.

mosaic birdbath butterfly

A sampling of Glass Mosaic Birdbaths by Peg
Cardinal with Flower
mosaic birdbath cardinal
mosaic birdbath ladybug
Yellow Rose
mosaic birdbath yellow rose
mosaic  birdbath sunflower
mosaic birdbath waterlily
mosaic birdbath pansies
mosaic birdbath motorcycle
mosaic birdbath goldfish
angel birdbath
cat birdbath
 Christmas Tree
Christmas tree birdbath
frog-goldfish birdbath
dragonfly birdbath
dragonfly-flower birdbath
flowers birdbath
koi birdbath
Morning Glories
morning glories birdbath
roses  birdbath
tulip birdbath
thistle-finches birdbath
Peg working on mosaic
Peg fashions one of her glass mosaic birdbaths at the Arts and Crafts Fair Thursday at St. Marks Episcopal Church. Picture published in Marco Eagle - Marco Island FL - January 2007