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Frogs, Turtles, Geckos

frog fountain
These cute, aquatic critters are made completely from copper tubing and glass gems. Sizes are approximately 14 inches long. The frog is approximately 8 inches high. The turtle and gecko are slightly shorter. Each has a copper water pipe from tail to head and you can attach a small fountain pump to use the amphibian as a fountain in your water garden. Our frog - pictured below - lives by the water garden 12 months of the year. We just turn off the fountain when the weather gets cold. The animals have green verdigris on the copper portions.

The frog is complete with a ladybug or dragonfly on its copper tongue and  has wine bottle top bulging eyes.

The smiling turtle has stained glass on the top and for the head, complete with glass gem eye and copper wire mouth.

The gecko has bulging eyes, glass gems or seashells on the body and tiny glass beads on the tail, nose, and toenails.

Each amphibian is $53 + shipping/handling ranges from $15 to $20.

Each aminal can be customized with the color of gems, glass on the turtle, or seashells on the gecko. They are generally made with a combination of colors.

turtle fountain
gecko fountain

                  fountain by pondgecko with
                  green eyes
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