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Glass & Garden

Peg Black is a graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College with a degree in Music Education. Her work in glass mosaic involves individually making each piece to fit the pattern. The glass is not broken by hitting it with a hammer, but the pieces are created using special glass nippers. Her designs often include the use of flattened marbles as well as other glass shapes. Each piece includes a copper stand created by Gordon. Her work has expanded to included glass mosaic on wooden trays, gazing balls, trivets and other hangings. One of Peg's mosaic trays was purchased for display at Delphi Glass Studio in East Lansing MI. Peg is also an avid rubber stamper making greeting cards - often including water colors - as well as a decorative artist. She has won 'painting on glass' awards from the Hinckley Art Show and local fairs.

Gordon Black is a graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College and Akron University with degrees in Music Education. He uses traditional stained glass techniques combined with copper and garage sale/flea market finds to create original garden art. Many items include a green  verdigris added to the copper. Items include birdbaths, birdfeeders, garden trellises - many with old band instruments as the central theme including trumpets, trombones, clarinets, saxophones, etc. Many items include glass and copper wind chimes and animals that can function as water garden fountains - turtle, frog, gecko. Many of our items included recycled items including wine/beer bottles, glass plates and misc. decorative bottles.